Tipps aus der Praxis | 128T Session Smart Router: Install using ISO-File

128T ISO Installation


This document will describe all steps required to install the "128T Juniper Software" (in this document designated as "128T"). 

For system requirements, please see: https://docs.128technology.com/docs/intro_system_reqs

There are 2 types of 128T installation :


Step 1

A bootable USB Stick can be prepared with the ISO.

Once launched the option "Install 128T Routing Software VGA Console" should be used, and the software will install automatically.

At the end of the installation, you will be asked to configure linux networking.

Step 2

Only the Conductor-Facing interface(s) should be configured.

You can use DHCP or a static IP. Generally, a public IP will be used.

The other interfaces have to be activated using the option "automatically connect"

Step 3

Make sure all interfaces are using option "automatically connect". They don't need to be configured.

Validate the network config, and optionally configure a hostname of your choice.

Step 4

On the next Window, choose "Router":

Step 5

At least one Conductor IP Address should be configured:

Das war's.

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