Tipps aus der Praxis | 128T Session Smart Router: Internet access for management services

Internet access for Management services

Step 1

The 128T Router require internet access for several features and mandatory functions:

  • Updates (using YUM repository)
  • Plugin Installation (using YUM repository)
  • Application Control Module required DNS resolution, to build a FQDN list
  • Public Syslog
  • NTP

The recommended way is to use "Management over forwarding interface" which is a new feature introduced in 4.5.

See I95-16104 Management traffic over forwarding interface

Step 2

Following config should be applied on the router's wan interface.

Step 3

On the router configuration, make sure you defined DNS servers using "static" configuration.

Step 4

The NTP, DNS, HTTP(S) Management Services and corresponding Service-Routes will be automatically created.


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