Tipps aus der Praxis | 128T Conductor Integration

This chapter demonstrates how to connect a router to an existing conductor.

Step 1

The easiest way of getting your router up and running is to clone an existing router and modify individual properties : (interface PCI address, IP configuration).


Step 2

The WAN Interface (conductor-facing interface) should be correctly configured :

  •  Valid PCI Address for device interface
  • Valid IP address for network interface (public IP Address preferred)
  • Options "Conductor", "Source NAT" enabled.

Following screenshot are showing an example with a static IP address.

DHCP can also be used.

Step 3

If the router has been cloned, you have to reset the Associate Asset ID before committing the config.

Step 4

If the router has connectivity to the conductor, the correct asset ID should be shown on the drop-down list.


Step 5

Once the asset ID has been selected, configuration can be committed and the provisioning will start. It can take up to 10 min.

After that, the router should be up and running and ready to be used !

Step 6


GPS data is based on ISO 6709-Format.

Example :



A leading + or - sign has to be used at the beginning of each Decimal Degree Number.

A forward slash "/" has to added at the end:


Example ISO 6709 GPS : 404536, -0735902.4

On 128T config  :  +404536-0735902.4/

Das war's.

Ihr M&L Systems Team !