Tipps aus der Praxis | 128T Session Smart Router: Install using CentOS 7 minimal

128T Install using CentOS 7 x86_64 Minimal


This document will describe all steps required to install the "128T Juniper Software" (in this document designated as "128T"). 

For system requirements, please see: https://docs.128technology.com/docs/intro_system_reqs

There are 2 types of 128T installation :

On the below guide, a Centos 7 minimal image will be used.

Step 1

Choose language:

Step 2

Select the disk where CentOS should be installed:

Step 3

The network card can be configured using the GUI.

It can also be configured later on using the command "nmtui"

Step 4

Minimal Install is here used:

Step 5

Configure the root password:

Step 6

The following commands
have then to be executed:    

yum install https://yum.128technology.com/installer/repo.rpm 
yum install 128T-installer 


Das war's.

Ihr M&L Systems Team !